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Child Advocacy

Attorney Sharp is often appointed by the Court of Common Pleas of Venango County in Divorce and Custody matters to represent minor children. When parents are unable to agree on the legal and/or physical custody of their minor children and involve the court system, the effects on the children are great. Children often experience many feelings during a custody battle between their parents, including the need to please both of their parents, the feeling that they have no control over anything happening in their lives, and the ability to manipulate their parents and play their parents against one another. Pennsylvania law requires a court to consider the child’s well-reasoned preference, based on the child’s maturity and judgment, as well as numerous other factors prior to deciding the custody of that child. Attorney Sharp cares about the children, and she has much experience in representing children of all ages, assisting children through an often difficult and emotional court process.

Parents who would like their child to have counsel in a custody matter should contact their attorney to request that the Court appoint an attorney to represent their child.

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