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The areas of law involving families are often filled with many emotions, both good and bad. Our office is able to answer your questions and assist you in family law matters including Custody of minor children, Divorce, Support of minor children or spouse, Adoption, Guardianship and Grandparent custodial rights. Having the right legal counsel can help to alleviate some of the worry and stress associated with these types of cases.


Welcoming a new family member is an emotional time for parents and others in the biological and/or adopting families. Completing the Adoption is necessary to ensure the new member of your family is legally protected and is given all of the rights a natural family member has. This office will assist you through Pennsylvania’s adoption requirements, including filing the necessary documents and finalizing the adoption at a court hearing. We are able to advise adopting parents, child(ren) being adopted, and biological family members of their legal rights under Pennsylvania’s Act 101, which permits post-adoption contact between biological family members and child(ren) being adopted. In the event such an agreement is desired, this office can assist in negotiating and drafting a Post-Adoption Contact Agreement, as well as petitioning the Court for approval of the agreement.

Adoption requires the termination of at least one of the biological parent’s parental rights prior to the adoption. Whether you are seeking to terminate your child’s other parent’s parental rights, or you want to terminate both of the parents’ parental rights to the child you wish to adopt, we are able to represent you in the necessary legal proceedings.


As a parent, grandparent or other interested person who is seeking initial custody of a minor child or wanting to modify an existing order, you will understandably have questions and concerns. We will consult with you, discussing your concerns and answering your questions to help resolve your case. In Venango County, the custodial procedure may include Conciliation, which involves the parties and their attorneys meeting with a court-appointed Conciliator to discuss and possibly reach an agreement, and Mediation, which involves the parties meeting with a court-appointed Mediator in order to further attempt to reach an agreement regarding custody. Attorney Sharp would assist you through these legal processes. If a custody trial is necessary for you to achieve your desired goal, Attorney Sharp will advocate for your position before the Judge hearing your custody matter. (Please also see the section on Child Advocacy).



Whether you are contemplating a divorce or separation from your spouse, want to begin divorce proceedings or have received a divorce complaint filed by your spouse, our office will assist you. The end of a marriage is usually a difficult time for the parties, emotionally and financially. Divorce often involves complex legal issues such as the equitable distribution of the parties’ marital assets and debts, the entitlement to and amount of spousal support, alimony pendent lite and alimony. Attorney Sharp’s knowledge of Pennsylvania law and experience in the Venango County court system, as well as office staff who provide you with the personal attention you desire, will be an invaluable asset to you as you proceed through the legal divorce process.



Are you caring for a disabled family member, an aging parent or an incapacitated loved one? Are there important decisions that need to be made for your loved one? When individuals are unable to make medical, personal or financial decisions due to mental incapacity, another person must step in and make decisions for the incapacitated person. If the incapacitated person does not have a Power of Attorney naming an Agent to act for them, then it is often necessary to obtain legal Guardianship through court proceedings in order to be able to care for loved ones who are not able to do so for themselves. Our office is able to answer your questions and advise you on an appropriate course of action, including Guardianship proceedings, to resolve the legal issues so you have the ability to manage your loved one’s personal and medical care and finances when necessary.


In Venango County, Pennsylvania, the Domestic Relations Section of the Court of Common Pleas administers child and spousal support matters. Parents often question whether they have the right to seek child support for the minor children in their custody or when to request a modification of the amount of child support they are receiving or paying for the benefit of their minor children. This office is able to answer these and other questions you may have regarding support issues and assist you through the process of filing, modifying or defending a claim for support with the Domestic Relations office.


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