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Estate Planning

Planning for your end of this life and the expected and unexpected events that may occur in your lifetime will relieve many of the burdens for your loved ones. This office is able to draft various estate planning documents that will aid your named representative in carrying out your wishes.


A Durable Power of Attorney(POA) is an important document in your estate planning portfolio. A POA gives the person you name, called your Agent, the authority to act on your behalf in all matters unless you limit their authority specifically. A durable POA remains in full force and effect in the event of your incapacitation, preventing the requirement of petitioning a court for guardianship in most cases.

In the event of unexpected tragedy or declining health generally, it is important to have made your wishes known to your loved ones. A Durable Health Care Power of Attorney, often referred to as a Living Will outlines your wishes to the medical professions who are treating you and to those persons named in your POA, who are making medical decisions on your behalf. By expressly listing your intentions in your POA, you will help to make this difficult time a little easier for your loved ones.


A Last Will and Testament in Pennsylvania is a legal document that directs your named Personal Representative to administer your Estate as you intend. Through your will, you are able to bequest specific assets and the remainder of your estate to whomever you want. In addition, you may provide for the care of your minor children, establish a trust for assets to certain individuals and make provisions to carry out other intentions you may have. This office is able to draft a legally enforceable Will for you in order that the assets you have worked hard to obtain are protected legally and administered as you intend.


A Trust is an entity created by you, the Settlor, to hold property for the benefit of named beneficiaries. A Trust can be a useful component of your estate planning portfolio in some circumstances. An attorney and your financial planner are two professionals who are best able to assist you in making the determination whether a Trust is appropriate in your circumstances.

Remember, it is important to have an attorney review your estate planning documents and make necessary updates and/or changes from time to time. This office is able to assist you in preparing or updating your estate planning documents at any time.

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